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Compostables and Yard Waste

Compost Available to Farmington/Farmington Hills Residents
Compost is made available to residents of Farmington and Farmington Hills free of charge from May through September at the “Soccer, Soccer” fields at 12 Mile and Drake Roads.  Compost may be picked up from dawn to dusk, seven days a week.  There is a limit of one truckload per person and compost is for private residential use only.  Residents must bring their own shovels and containers and may be asked for proof of residency if a Park Ranger is present.

Yard waste will be picked up starting the week of April 11, 2016. Yard waste pickup will end the week of November 28, 2016.

All yard waste placed at the curbside in acceptable containers will be collected for composting by the yard waste truck on the regular garbage day. Each year, yard waste pickup service will be provided from early spring to late fall.

Acceptable yard waste includes leaves, grass, shrub clippings, twigs, and plant materials. There are three options available for yard waste disposal:

  1. Place yard waste in a trash can (32-gallon size limit) with a Yard Waste sticker on both sides. Yard Waste stickers are available free from City Hall or the DPW.
  2. Put yard waste in brown paper yard waste bags. Please do not over stuff bags.
  3. Use a mulching mower and recycle leaves and grass clippings back into the lawn.

Small limbs (six inches in diameter or less) and brush must be tied in bundles that do not exceed four feet in length or weigh more than 60 pounds per bundle. Unbundled brush and large limbs will not be picked up. Also, any brush or twigs placed in cans or bags should not stick out above the top of the container and large quantities of dirt or sod are not accepted for pickup.

Many condo owners/associations do not need compost pickup and therefore do not use yard waste service. Yard waste is an optional service for condo owners/associations.

For information about backyard composting, please call the Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of South Oakland County (RRRASOC) at (248) 208-2270 or visit the RRASOC website.