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Winter Reminders

Snow Plowing Operations

Major roads and school bus routes receive the highest priority; they are plowed and salted following any accumulation of snow or ice. Local (subdivision) streets are plowed following accumulation of four inches or more of snow. The City makes a practice of rotating which neighborhoods are plowed first after each snow event.

Snow Buildup at the End of Driveways

Snow plows are angled to the right for plowing from the centerline of the street to the curb, making the deposit of snow at the end of driveways a natural byproduct of plowing operations. You may help alleviate some of this accumulation if you clear the area to the right of your driveway before a snow plow comes down your street. The City is unable to return to clear this deposit at the end of your driveway and is unable to prevent this from occurring at over 23,000 driveways city-wide.


Curbside mailboxes may become blocked by plowed snow. The U.S. Post Office has a policy regarding access to mailboxes, which requires snow to be removed enough to allow the mail trucks to drive up to the mailbox for delivery. This is the responsibility of the postal customer.

During snow plowing operations, weak or damaged mailboxes are sometimes knocked down by the weight of snow thrown by snow plows. To ensure that your mailbox is sturdy enough to survive the winter season, it is a good idea to “shake your mailbox” before each winter to check to see if it is in need of repair.

Fire Hydrants

Removing snow around fire hydrants greatly assists the Fire Department. It is important that fire hydrants be visible and accessible at all times.

Safety Reminders

In addition to driving defensively and carefully in inclement weather, there are several important safety reminders to remember:

  • Discourage children from playing on snow banks near the road.
  • When following a snow plow truck, please stay a safe distance behind the truck.
  • Snow should not be plowed or shoveled into the roadway.

Salt/Sand Barrels

The City places 55-gallon drums filled with a mixture of sand and salt at intersections and hills upon written request from homeowner groups. If your association is interested in having barrels placed within your subdivision, please send a letter, along with a clear description or sketch of the location, to the Division of Public Works at 27245 Halsted, Farmington Hills, Michigan, 48331. It is important to obtain the approval of the property owner adjacent to the selected location, given that spilled salt may burn the grass.

Be a Good Neighbor

Many people require assistance after a snowstorm. The elderly and disabled often need help removing snow from their driveways. If you know of a neighbor that needs help, please give them a hand.