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Dog Licenses

Updated Information on Dog Licenses from Oakland County

Oakland County will waive the delinquent fee for dog licenses for the remainder of 2020.

One-year dog license fees will continue through the rest of the year at the rate of:

  • $10.50 for a spayed/neutered dog
  • $18.00 for a male/female dog (senior discount available with proof)

Three-year licenses are available for dogs whose rabies vaccination is valid through 2022.  See information below for rates.

Closeup of PuppyLicenses are required for all dogs four months of age or older. Dog licenses may be purchased at the Treasury Division January 1 to November 30 with proof of rabies vaccination. Proof of neutering is required for neutered/spayed discount. New animals over four months of age may be licensed at non-delinquent rates if the license is purchased within 30 days of acquisition. The City does not require that cats be licensed. For questions regarding dog licenses, please contact Oakland County Animal Control at (248) 858-1070 or the City of Farmington Hills Treasury Division at (248) 871-2480.

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards (additional 3% third-party fees apply, $2 Minimum) are the acceptable methods of payment at the City of Farmington Hills, Treasury counter.


You can purchase your dog license with Credit Card payments by visiting Oakland County Animal Control’s website at:

One Year: January 1 - June 1   Delinquent One Year: June 2 - November 30
Spay / Neutered $10.50   All $33.00
Male / Female $18.00      
Senior Spay / Neutered $9.75      
Senior Male / Female $16.50      
Three Year: January 1 - June 1   Delinquent Three Year: June 2 - November 30
Spay / Neutered $28.50   Spay / Neutered $51.00
Male / Female $51.00   Male / Female $66.00
Senior Spay / Neutered $26.25   Senior Spay / Neutered $49.50
Senior Male / Female $46.50   Senior Male / Female $63.00

An Oakland County license must be purchased within 30 days of:

  • Purchasing or acquiring a new dog
  • A puppy turning 4 months of age
  • Moving into Farmington Hills

Pets need to be licensed because:

  • It’s the law since 1919
  • Licensed pets have a better chance of being found
  • It proves ownership
  • Fees support Oakland County Pet Adoption Center

Need a replacement dog tag?
Contact Oakland County Animal Control @ (248) 452-9890, they will mail you one.