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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials impact our daily lives.  These materials vary in nature and chemical composition, from the seemingly simple to the extremely complex. It is important to realize that the release of hazardous materials or chemicals can be large, small, or at times, undetectable.  A release may be in any of the three stages; solids, liquids or gases.  Therefore, to address this specialized issue and to head off potential future catastrophic events, the fire department employs a Hazardous Materials Coordinator to enforce hazardous materials life safety requirements, respond to Hazardous Materials Incidents, and provide expertise to the public.  

All firefighters have received extensive training in handling Hazardous Materials Incidents.  This initial training and certification is renewed and refreshed annually to assure that skills are in compliance with the latest educational requirements and that all are in a constant state of operational readiness. This training includes preparation, emergency response, identification, and the initial mitigation of Hazardous Materials Incidents.  For most Hazardous Materials Incidents, your fire department has proven its ability to mitigate without additional resources.

In addition, it should be noted that for any large scale incidents, the Farmington Hills Fire Department is an active participant with the Western Wayne County Fire Department Mutual Aid Association’s Hazardous Incident Response Team (HMRT), which is made up of members representing 21 communities in Oakland and Wayne County.  The Western Wayne County HMRT was formed in 1987 by the Western Wayne Fire Department Mutual Aid Association (WWFDMAA) through the cooperation of 23 communities.  The team currently has 45 members that come from various Mutual Aid Associations and Fire Departments that are located within the Detroit Metropolitan Area. The Western Wayne County HMRT, or “Haz-Mat” Team, has a response area that encompasses parts of three counties, thousands of squired miles, and protects more than 2.9 million residents.  

Click here for the annual Hazardous Materials City Drop Off date and time at Oakland County Community College.

Please remember, if you suspect a natural gas leak, or a carbon monoxide release, please call 911 immediately.  There is no charge to our residents to rule out an emergency.

For more information regarding Hazardous Materials, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 248-871-2820

Safety Education and Community Programs

Public Education

All firefighters play an active role in educating the public about recognized safety practices.  

For information about any of the following programs, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (248) 871-2820:  Programs include:

  • Fire Safety Training for Homeowners
  • Yard Waste and Open Burning
  • Safety Car Seat Inspections
  • Business Fire and Life Safety Education
  • Fire Station Tours.
  • Preschool and Elementary School Safety Programs
  • Neighborhood Events
  • Fire Prevention Open House

Fire Safety Training for Homeowners

If you are a resident of Farmington Hills, we encourage all to take an active interest in your family’s fire safety.  If you are in need of any assistance, firefighters can visit your home to check your smoke alarm(s) and provide information on a replacement if necessary.   Home fire and safety inspections are also offered. To request an inspection, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (248) 871-2820.


  • Test your smoke alarm(s) monthly.
  • Ensure your smoke alarm(s) is/are less than 10 years old.  If there is no manufacturer date, your smoke alarm(s) is/are older than 10 years, they require immediate replacement.
  • If your 9 volt smoke alarms are 10 years or older the Farmington Hills Fire Department recommends replacing them with a 10 year lithium ion smoke alarm. The cost difference will be more then paid off over the life of the alarm and there is no maintenance other than testing the alarm monthly.
  • Change your clocks; change your smoke alarm batteries.
  • Practice your escape drill (EDITH - Exit Drills In The Home).
  • Please visit the link provided for a very important life safety message:


(C.O. is colorless, odorless and tasteless.  Detection is a must)

For additional information, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (248) 871-2820.

Yard Waste and Open Burning

When temperatures start dipping each week and Fall is upon us, football is always in full swing, hunters can’t wait to take to the woods, and leaves turn colors and fall from the trees. When that happens, it’s “Fall clean up time” at most households.

Unlike some rural areas where open burning is permitted, it is against City ordinance to burn here in Farmington Hills. You can’t burn leaves, branches, or any yard debris…ever!

Some people think they’ve found a loophole and burn their yard waste in portable fireplaces, burn pits or ceramic chimneys that are popular these days on decks and patios. Regardless of the device used, nothing is permitted. Open burning just isn’t allowed.

If the fire department does respond to your home for an open burn, you may be ticketed or you may receive a cost recovery invoice from the fire department for a fire truck and firefighters responding to your violation.

Residents must bag refuse in approved yard waste bags or cans marked with a yard waste sticker, and set it out for garbage pickup on the regular collection date.

Safety Car Seat Inspections

If you’re a resident of Farmington Hills, the fire department’s nationally certified child safety seat technicians will inspect your child car seats for proper installation and possible product recall. Child safety seat technicians are also available to participate in community events.  These car seat inspections are handled by appointment only.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment (Saturdays every other month), contact the Department at (248) 871-2800.  

Business Owners  

The safety for your business, employees, fellow citizens, and its clients are of high importance and concern to your fire department.  There are many tools that can be offered to educate business owners and their employees regarding fire safety.  In addition to Fire Life Safety and Code Inspections, as requested, we offer Public Education visits to address specific fire and life safety topics as related to our business owners.

Fire Station Tours

This is your fire department. We welcome you and encourage visits to any of our fire stations.  The firefighters are delighted to show off our beautiful fire houses and state of the art equipment that we utilize to save lives and do our jobs.

Preschool and Elementary School Fire Safety Programs and Education

The education of our children for fire safety is of utmost importance.  We are actively involved with providing age appropriate education for our children from preschool ages through elementary school.  From time to time we do provide education for older age children as requested or needed.  As a result of the school program delivered throughout Farmington Hills, there have been documented accounts of children taking action to save lives.  This has been directly linked to the education that is provided through our Fall Assembly School Program.

Participation in Neighborhood Events

Being active members of the community and neighborhood events, the Fire Department makes regular visits as requested to events around and throughout the City. The goal is to allow the community to get to know its firefighters in a non-emergent fashion.  This is especially valuable for our children.

Fire Prevention Open House

Thousands of residents participate in our Annual Open House each year. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet Farmington Hills firefighters, learn kitchen fire safety, as well as, how to protect your family from the hazards of fire, get valuable tips for preventing injuries, and learn about the variety of services provided by the fire department.  This event is well attended and the education received is priceless.

Paramedics responding to hazardous incidentHaz Mat Vehicle