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Landscape, Tree Replacement and Open Space Plan Approval

Evergreen Border TreesThe guidelines and specifications listed below must be incorporated into all landscape plans, tree replacement plans and open space plans submitted to the City for approval along with or in addition to those outlined in the City of Farmington Hills Zoning Ordinance Chapter 34-5.14. View the Ordinances.

* Starred specifications are to be noted on the plans as they apply to the project.

  1. Landscape plans are to be prepared and sealed by a registered Landscape Architect for all projects.
  2. Submit eight (8) copies of landscape plans to the Planning Office for review and approval by the Planning Commission.
  3. Existing trees to be relocated must be planted outside of parking lot areas and cannot be proposed as required parking lot trees.
  4. Deciduous trees to be relocated must be limited to no more than ten (10”) inch caliper or DBH (diameter breast height). If larger trees are proposed for relocation, a statement must appear on drawings describing the method of relocation to be used.
  5. Continuous curbing must be provided around all landscaped areas where damage from vehicles is possible. Alternate protection such as fences and retaining walls may be acceptable in lieu of curbing or may be required in addition to curbing to protect the area from vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  6. * All landscaped areas shall be excavated of all building material and debris to a minimum depth of eighteen (18”) inches and back filled with a medium texture planting soil. All landscaped areas are to have minimum six (6”) inches of topsoil and are to be crowned a minimum six (6”) inches higher than adjacent curbs or walks.
  7. Plant Material Sizes (minimum)
    Shade/Canopy trees 3” caliper
    Ornamental/Understory trees 2” caliper
    Evergreen trees for replacement trees 8’ height, 10’ height
    Shrubs (large) 30” height
    Shrubs (small)  24” height or 24” spr
  8. Required landscape material shall satisfy American Association of Nurseryman standards and be:
    1. Nursery Grown
    2. State Department of Agriculture inspected
    3. No. 1 grade with straight, unscarred trunk and well-developed uniform crown (park grade trees will not be accepted)
    4. Staked, wrapped, watered and mulched per City of Farmington Hills details and specifications and in accordance with City of Farmington Hills Zoning Chapter 34-5.14
    5. Guaranteed for one year
    6. Replacement trees shall be of the same species as the removed trees where available from Michigan nurseries. Where trees of the same species are not available, replacement trees shall be pursuant to the list of acceptable trees on file in the Planning Office.
  9. Men Laying SodWhen determining tree replacement, existing trees within ten (10’) feet of the building envelope will require replacement.
  10. Four (4’) foot high wooden snow fencing or other rigid material is to be erected around the drip line of all trees to be saved in accordance with the City of Farmington Hills Zoning Ordinance Chapter 34-5.18.
  11. Location of protective snow fencing must be shown on all plans indicating tree protection.
  12. * A Tree Removal Permit must be obtained from the Planning Office prior to all tree removal activity involving trees six (6”) inches or more DBH in accordance with the City of Farmington Hills Zoning Chapter 34-5.18.
  13. Refer to Article XXII, Section 34-5.14 and 34-5.15 and 34-5.18 of the Farmington Hills Zoning Ordinance for further guidelines concerning plant spacing, suggested plant material, bufferyard requirements, parking lot trees and walls, berms and tree protection.
  14. All required landscape material indicated on approved plans, will be required through the life of the project and must be replaced if removed or die.