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Satellite Dish

Statement of Purpose

To screen the satellite reception antenna to the greatest extent possible, as determined by the Department of Planning and Community Development, without impeding the reception of the satellite-delivered signals

Minimum Screening Standards

  1. Vertical Screening - the height of the installed screening shall be a minimum 70 percent (70%) of the height of the antenna at the time of installation.
  2. Horizontal Screening - installed screening must provide a minimum 50 percent (50%) coverage of the antenna at the time of installation.
  3. Year-round screening shall be provided.
  4. Where the antenna look angle is facing adjoining residential, it shall be located to the interior of the site if the antenna is functional in this location. 5. Where screening is not reasonably possible, other forms of obscuring devices, such as umbrella structures may be required.

Suggested Screening Concepts

  1. Plant material shall be evergreen or densely branched deciduous.
  2. Slopes of berms shall meet minimum standards of 3-to-1.
  3. Fences shall be a minimum 6 foot high as measured from the existing grade per Ordinance 34-5.12.
  4. Screening devices, such as walls and fences, and plant material shall meet minimum industry standards and ordinance requirements.

Satellite Landscaping Diagram
Large Evergreen Trees Narrow Evergreen Trees Large Shrubs
Pine varieties
Spruce varieties
Hemlock varieties
Fir varieties
Arborvitae varieties
Kefteeri Juniper
Hicks Yew
Amur Maple
Washington Hawthorne
Privet varieties
Sumac varieties
Viburnum varieties
Adopted by Planning Commission: 5/26/94