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Rezoning Application Process

A petition to rezone property in the City of Farmington Hills must be submitted on a Rezoning Application in accordance with the following instructions. The petition is first considered at a Planning Commission Preliminary Hearing, held on the second Thursday of each month. It is subsequently set for Planning Commission Public Hearing to be held the third Thursday of the following month.

The petition is forwarded to the City Council along with the Planning Commission recommendation and is placed on the agenda of a City Council Public Hearing. The action of the City Council is final.
  1. Complete a Rezoning Application.
    • Attach four (4) copies of the proposed plot plan to the application.
    • Attach one (1) copy of the legal description.
    • Attach one (1) copy of the approved sign location plot plan.
  2. Submit the application to the Planning Office, with attachments. An application submitted by 3:30 PM the 18th day of the month will be considered at the Planning Commission’s Preliminary Hearing of the following month. If the 18th day of the month falls on a weekend, application must be submitted by 12:00 noon the following workday.
  3. Pay the filing fee of $750.00 - $1,400.00 (please call the Planning Office to verify fees) to the City of Farmington Hills Planning Office; obtain a stamped receipt of same.
  4. Retain a copy of the application showing the item number and filing date.

Additional Information

  • Petitioner must appear at all scheduled Hearings.
  • A copy of the agenda will be furnished to the petitioner.
  • Questions concerning the application may be directed to the Planning Office at (248) 871-2540.