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City of Farmington Hills Snow Plowing Policy

The Department of Public Services is responsible for snow and ice control on City major roads, including industrial routes, five miles of school designated bus routes, and 246 miles of local streets. The Road Commission for Oakland County maintains several of the other major mile roads within the City.
Major roads and school bus routes receive the highest priority; they are plowed and salted following any accumulation of snow or ice. Local (subdivision) streets are plowed following an accumulation of four inches or more of snow. The City rotates which neighborhoods are plowed first after each snow event.
Following a significant snowstorm (four or more inches in a 24-hour period), all local roads will be plowed within two days recognizing that deeper and wetter snowfalls will require more time to complete, depending on the severity and duration of the storm.
Remember - When following a snow plow truck, please stay a safe distance behind.
In the event that local streets plowing commences, go to for real-time information on snow plowing operations.




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