Sewer Only Metering Program

Farmington Hills, like many other communities, uses the water meter in a home to determine charges for sanitary sewer usage. The assumption is that most of the water used in your home (showers, clothes and dish washing, toilets, etc.) eventually goes into the sanitary sewer, therefore the sewer bill is based upon the amount of water that flows through the property’s water meter.  Customers who are only connected to the public sanitary sewer system, do not currently have a public water meter and are billed a quarterly flat sewer rate. 
The City of Farmington Hills Sewer Only Metering Program allows sewer only customers the option to purchase and install a meter supplied by the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office (WRC) for the purpose of measuring water usage from their private well water supply. This would change the quarterly sewer bill from a flat rate charge to a calculated amount based upon either the metered well water usage or the minimum bill equivalent of 1.6 thousand cubic feet (1.6 MCF), whichever is higher.
What is a sewer only meter?
How will a sewer only customer benefit?
What does the sewer only meter cost?
Are there additional costs?
Are permits required?
What is the procedure if I want to participate in the Sewer Only Metering Program?