Master Plan 

A Master Plan is a long-range vision for the future of Farmington Hills. It provides a framework for making big-picture decisions. It can promote and strengthen valued community assets as well as encourage new partnerships and opportunities. In Michigan, Master Plans are to be reviewed by the Planning Commission every five years. While major updates may not be necessary, it is important to review Master Plans and make sure they are relevant to current and projected needs and wants of the community, as well as other communities, county, and regional plans and reports. The City’s current Master Plan was adopted in 2009.
A subcommittee of some members of the City Council and Planning Commission are meeting to provide input and guidance to the full Planning Commission as they prepare the Master Plan over the next year. The process kicked off in April 2022.
The City’s in-person event was held on October 20, 2022, but the online virtual Open House is still available. For those who were unable to attend the Open House in person or for those who want to review the information again, the draft Master Plan was summarized into posters that were on display at the Open House. The image gallery accessible via the link illustrates the existing conditions in the City, including demographics, maps, and a summary of the market study.