About Us

The Commission on Children, Youth and Families seeks to foster a healthy community by focusing on our most precious resources - our children, teens and families.  The Commission promotes programs that engage families, both in the home and in the community, through activities that focus on balance, education, health and fitness, and spirituality. 

Father with childrenThe Commission consists of members from many walks of life. Members include representatives from the schools, the library, law enforcement, the judiciary, area faith-based organizations, community non-profit agencies, and local residents. All members work on a voluntary basis and dedicate their time and talents to fulfilling the goals of the Commission.

Our Mission

To encourage a supportive environment where children, youth and families are happy, healthy, educated and safe, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Goals

  • To stay abreast of issues relative to children, youth and families
  • To make recommendations to the Farmington Hills and Farmington City Councils concerning the needs of children, youth and families in their jurisdictions.
  • To promote projects and programs for families to do together.
  • To encourage, coordinate and recognize volunteers and their efforts..

Our Values

  • Individuals benefit from good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health resulting in positive character development.
  • Families are strengthened by living in a caring atmosphere that provides opportunities for spending time together. We promote a community that offers intergenerational role models and support from many sources.
  • The community is enriched by providing positive alternatives for children and youth. These alternatives incorporate the diverse voices in the community and allow for all generations to have a presence.


We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00PM in the Farmington Hills City Hall. There are no meetings in December, July, and August. The public is encouraged to attend.  (Please call the City Clerk at (248) 871-2410 to verify that a meeting will be held.)

Smiling FamilyWhat We Do

The Commission has played a significant role in promoting and/or sponsoring the following:

  • After School Program - Offering positive diversions during after school hours for over 1,500 middle school students at several locations in the area.
  • Career Night Yearly Event – An expo forum for residents and vendors to share available career opportunities 
  • Community Mapping Project - A City project aimed at matching available resources with local needs.
  • CYF TV Show - Interviews on topics of interest and value to our community.
  • Diversity Video - Producing a video that encourages curiosity, fosters appreciation, and promotes acceptance of our community's diversity.
  • Early Childhood Development - Working with schools to provide cognitive development in the formative preschool years.
  • Family Time - Highlighting the importance of time dedicated to relaxation and creative pursuits designed to reinforce the family connection.
    About Family Time
  • Kindness Rock Garden – an interactive art installation to help kindness and mental health awareness.
    located at the Spicer House at Heritage Park
  • Lean Screen Family - Encouraging families to turn off the TV or at least, reduce TV watching for one week.
  • Take Your Kids to Vote - Promoting democracy as a family affair.
  • Volunteer Recognition Night - Annually honors community members for their volunteer activities and awards the George Romney Volunteer of the Year recognition to an outstanding individual. Here are the 2007 Honorees.

Family Outside

What You Can Do

We encourage all residents to get involved.  Our community offers countless opportunities for civic and volunteer participation.  The Commission invites ideas, input and suggestions from individuals and groups interested in supporting our mission.  We welcome your feedback, and our meetings are open to the public.

Community Resources

Helpful Resources

Generations - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

The 2000 U.S. Census reported that Michigan had 143,523 and Farmington Hills 870 grandparents raising grandchildren. The 2005 census estimate puts the number in Michigan at about 166,000. These relationships are complex and grandparents often face a lack of information, resources and support. As a result they may feel isolated and overwhelmed.

Here Are Some Things That May Help Those Grandparents

  • Seek information and help from friends, family, place of worship and the community.Get legal advice on your rights and responsibilities.
  • Maintain a healthful lifestyle and make time for adult company and activities.
  • Give yourself time to adapt to the non-traditional role.
  • Focus on the benefits the relationship offers you and the children.

Local Resources for Assistance


  • Area Agency on Aging 1B
    (800) 852-7795
    www.aaa1b.org – information packets are available
  • Farmington Hills Senior Division
    (248) 473-1830
    Adults 50 & Better
  • Michigan Department of Human Services, Kinship Care
    (517) 373-2035
  • OLHA Oakland Livingston Human Services
    (248) 542-5860       
  • Oakland County Referral Service



  • Benefits Checkup Site, Sponsored by the National Council on Aging has local information on benefits - NCA
    (800) 373-4906



  • AARP
    (888) 687-2277
    www.aarp.org for grandparent information choose "Family" on the menu

If You Are A Grandparent Raising Your Grandchildren Or Know Someone Who Is And Want To Hear More

Please visit the Farmington Area Commission on Aging: