City Council Meeting- October 12, 2020-CANCELED

OCTOBER 12, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: This evening’s City Council Meeting is cancelled (including the Study Session, Regular Session, and Closed Session).  The meeting was scheduled and publicly noticed to be held remotely per Executive Order No. 2020-154, issued by Governor Whitmer, with the understanding that the Michigan Supreme Court Opinion issued on October 2, 2020 in In Re Certified Questions from United States District Court (Midwest Institute of Health, PLLC v Governor) relating to said Executive Order (and others) would not become a binding and effective order or law in Michigan until at least 21-days after issuance of the Opinion. This afternoon, however, the Supreme Court issued subsequent orders clarifying and unexpectedly giving its ruling immediate effect.  As a result, the City Council, along with other city councils across Michigan, cannot legally proceed with holding a virtual/electronic meeting with remote attendance at this time.  As such, this meeting has been cancelled.
The City will attempt to schedule a special meeting to be held in the next 14-days to address most, but not all, of the items that were on this evening’s agenda.  When a date for that special meeting is determined, the City Clerk’s Office will post a notice of the meeting on the City’s website at in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  For those who were attending this evening’s meeting to address City Council regarding the two public hearings for Rezoning Request 2-7-2020 at 33466 Eight Mile Road and/or Rezoning Request 3-7-2020 at 33474 Eight Mile Road, those two items will be rescheduled for a future City Council meeting on a date to be determined and new notices will be mailed to all property owners entitled to notice by law.
Thank you for your understanding in these regards.
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