Mayor and City Council

31555 W. Eleven Mile
Farmington Hills, MI 48336-1165
Vicki Barnett
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Randy Bruce
Mayor Pro Tem
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Jackie Boleware
Council Member
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Michael Bridges
Council Member
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Valerie Knol
Council Member
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Ken Massey
Council Member
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Mary Newlin
Council Member
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The Farmington Hills City Council is made up of seven members -- all directly elected by the voters. Council members serve staggered four-year terms and the Mayor serves a two-year term. The Mayor is limited by City Charter to two two-year terms. The Mayor Pro Tem, who serves in the Mayor’s absence, is chosen by the Council members.

The Mayor and City Council members serve part-time. Under our City’s Council/Manager form of government, the City Council is responsible for policy-making, while the City Manager, who is appointed by City Council, is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the City. When the City Council makes a decision on an ordinance or policy, the City Manager is responsible for implementing it.

The public is invited to attend all meetings of the Farmington Hills City Council. Meetings are generally held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at Farmington Hills City Hall, 31555 W. Eleven Mile, just west of Orchard Lake Road. Meetings begin at 7:30 PM. Meetings are also broadcast live on cable Spectrum Channel 203 and AT&T Channel 99. Be sure to check with the City Clerk at (248) 871-2410 to confirm a meeting date and time.

Agendas are available at the City Clerk’s Office prior to meetings and in the Council Chamber the night of the meeting. Business of the Council is conducted in the following order:

  • Call to Order.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Roll Call.
  • Approval of Agenda.
  • Correspondence.
  • Consent Agenda.
  • Public Questions & Comments.
  • Council Members’ Comments & Announcements.
  • Public Hearings.*
  • Unfinished Business.
  • New Business.
  • City Manager Reports.
  • Consent Agenda Items for Discussion.
  • Additions to Agenda.
  • Adjournment.
Farmington Hills City Council MeetiingCitizens are welcome to address the City Council on matters that are not on the City Council agenda under "Public Questions & Comments." Citizens who wish to comment on a specific agenda item must complete a registration form, available in the boxes located at both entrances to the Council Chamber. Forms should be given to the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. All citizens allowed 5 minutes each to speak. Citizens who wish to comment on Public Hearing items do not have to fill out a registration form.

If you wish to have an issue placed on a future City Council agenda, forward a written request to:

Mayor & City Council
City of Farmington Hills
31555 W. Eleven Mile
Farmington Hills, MI 48336-1165